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October 10, 2008


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The guy looks like Patrick Swayze and Christian Slater's gay son.


You are absolutely right, Luke. However, I like to think that somehow there is a little Kevin Bacon (from Footloose, of course) thrown in there too. Especially during that angry dancing part at the end with the body-slams into the walls.


Ha, Ha! Too true. I just watched one with the original lyrics and noticed that whoever made the spoof chopped it up to make it more ridiculous. The original is slightly more watchable so don't feel too bad for liking it.


hmmmmm...Can you site your sources? I just watched the original on Youtube and can't find any differences. I'm not saying they don't exist, Lord knows if anybody would find them it would be you. I'm not trying to trick you into watching it again, I'm just pretty curious now :)


yeah, there are a few more shots of the band, the bad guys don't come totally out of no-where. I'll shut up now because it sounds like I'm saying it's good.

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